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Bakos, István


Bakos, István
Bakos, István

István Bakos is a poster designer, graphic artist and photographer.

He has been active since the late 1960’s. In the first years of his career, he made great Pop Art inspired designs for mainly movie posters. He created an outstanding Pop Art poster for Orient Mokka coffee in 1969. His movie posters at the time represent the comic-like fresh Pop Art, similarly to Árpád Darvas''s works. His special compositional solution was that he turn motives toward the viewer of the imge, such as a gun tube or a pointing finger. 

At the end of the decade his style changed, and he started to use painting techniques, mostly with strong brushwork. Bakos has a special sense of irony, and his posters often show a surrealistic world.

In the 1980’s he often designed photo-based compositions for commercial posters. He regularly worked for fashion companies, in their advertisements he liked to use decorative women figures. These pictures are usually gently erotic and very elegant.                                                                                              .

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