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Czeglédi, István


He designed his first known printed posters with János Sebes in the 1930’s, they worked together during this time.

He worked during the late 1940’s and adopted the social realist style in the 1950’s. Most of his designs of this period show the strong influence of Soviet poster art. He worked together with Tibor Bánhegyi on many poster designs. Most of his posters were made for state propaganda.

In the 1960’s Czeglédi’s style changed again, and he started to create modern compositions. He designed a lot of travel safety posters, often using the techniques (photomontage) the colours (red, black and white), and typical compositional tools of the classic Avant-garde.                                                                                                                                             .

Available posters by this artist

Road traffic act competition vintage hungarian original poster
6. czegl%c3%a9di festival 1957
Kellemes sz  rakoz %c3%adst! a f %c3%82ldm  vessz %c3%82vetkezet...
Motorker%c3%a9kp%c3%a1rt  ker%c3%a9kp%c3%a1rt...
Czegle%cc%81di   we won a lot with sports betting
105. be the member of the hungarian   soviet society 1
  3. art deco nikotex poster
35. czegledi   costume makers   rental
81. czegledi istvan foki ferko yarn 1971 hungarian poster
7. czegledi   gift fair at the agricultural cooperative 1960s hungarian poster
Istvan czegledi   watch out for them 1968 hungarian poster
Czegle%cc%81di istva%cc%81n   cooperative stores  saves time  money  effort 1960s original hungarian commercial poster
  istvan czegledi    the book is also a weapon of the coal battle in the hands of our miners! rakosi mine 1951 hungarian communist socialist realist propaganda poster