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Jákfalvy, Tibor

1919 - 1992

Jákfalvy was an active graphic artist in the 1960’s and 1970’s. He designed movie posters, using colorful paper cut, photomontage, painting and drawing. He was a versatile artist, trying many techniques, and he was influenced by the rich variety of artistic trends of the time.

One of his best posters is Mefisztó doktor találmánya (The invention of doctor Mephisto).                                                                                                                                                     .

Available posters by this artist

Utaz%c3%a1s a nsp t%c3%bals%c3%b3 oldal%c3%a1ra
%c3%89n %c3%a9s a t%c3%a1bornok
Mr zero
Burglar  the
In the ring of villains
The southern star original vintage movie poster
The general buster keaton original vintage hungarian movie poster
4.jakfalvy the apartment jack lemmon 1961 hungarian movie poster
Jakfalvy   misfits gable marilyn monroe 1964 hungarian movie poster
Ja%cc%81kfalvy tibor   wife for an australian 196 original hungarian movie poster
Ja%cc%81kfalvy tibor   toy exhibition 1968 original hungarian event poster