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Kónya, Zoltán

1891 - ?

Zoltán Kónya’s early style derives from the Art Nouveau drawing style of the 1910s: it is charming and colorful.

He uses decorative typography, and clear, flat shapes. The style of the German Sachplakat also put a great influence on him; some of his posters only show the image of the product in the center of the composition (such as the posters of Braun).

He preferred using strong colours and creating compact symbols. His designs are often humorous and narrative. He designed posters for the famous tobacco brand, Modiano: these designs also involve caricaturist elements.                                                                                                                                                   .

Available posters by this artist

Konya zoltan   celofilter
Konya   braun cognac 1920s art deco
20. konya zoltan newspaper journal 1920s poster maquette hungarian parliament
26. konya   crown rum
Konya fermentrol art deco poster maquette artwork
29. konya   diana rubbing alcohol poster artwork