Kovács, Vilmos

1929 -

Vilmos Kovács was  born in 1929. He studied graphic design and graduated in the mid-1950s. He worked on posters, exhibition designs, calendars, etc. He mostly designed movie posters, although he also made a few commercial and propaganda posters as well.

His early artworks were among the best movie posters of the years between 1956 and 1962. His colourful cutout designs are proofs of an artist already at the height of hiw powers. During the late 1960s, his posters were defined by the colorful Pop Art style. The drawn compositions are built up by black outlines, creating organic, flat shapes, filled with intensive full colors.

He also used photomontage and various other techniques. Some of his poster designs are based on paper cut collages. Kovács’s posters are mostly playful and humorous. His body of work includes many posters that were designed for classic movies, including: Roman Holiday, Cartouche, The Magnificent Seven, The Misfits, Twelve Angry Men, and An American in Paris.                                                                                                                                               .

Available posters by this artist

Kovacs vilmos   new summer feature films  singin in the rain 1964 hungarian movie poster
Hotel america vintage theatre poster
The key vintage movie poster
Adventure at midnight
Carbide and sorrel
Arrows of robin hood
72. maria  the wonderful weaver
9. magnificent seven hungarian vintage western poster
5. a fo%cc%8bno%cc%88k inkognito%cc%81ban
Kova%cc%81cs vilmos   eva wants to sleep 1961 original hungarian movie poster
Kova%cc%81cs vilmos   an american in paris 1969 original hungarian movie poster
Vilmos kovacs   12 angry men 1960 hungarian movie poster
Kova%cc%81cs vilmos   seine hoheit   genosse prinz 1969 original hungarian movie poster
Kova%cc%81cs vilmos   unfair lady   a chamber variety show 1966 original hungarian poster
Kova%cc%81cs vilmos   minivizor television   videoton 1967 original hungarian commercial poster
Kova%cc%81cs vilmos   videoton television 1968 original hungarian commercial poster