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Müller, Ilona

1929 - 2012

Graphic designer, who started her career after 1950.

She studied at the Academy and her master was György Konecsni. Initially she worked on exhibition designs and later on she designed numerous posters, mainly for movies.

Her poster designs often applied line drawings: the fine and delicate hand drawing often makes her compositions instantly recognizable. The figures are frequently caricatures or cartoon-like. Among her works we can find pieces which show a mild influence of Pop Art.                                                                                                                                                  .

Available posters by this artist

Creamy chocolate
Buy school shoes original vintage hungarian poster
86. muller ilona international cacib dog exhibition 1971 hungarian poster
Img 6791
Ilona muller   oh! what a lovely war 1970 hungarian movie poster
  ilona mu%cc%88ller   the great race 1968 hungarian movie poster
Ilona muller   international cacib dog exhibition 1973 hungarian vintage poster