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Vincze, Dénes

1924 - 1972

Graphic designer. 

Dénes Vincze must have been a real sports fan. Most of his graphic works are related to sport. He created great sport posters in the 1950's and 1960's, many of his works advertised different championships. He created beautiful posters for domestic and international tournaments of basketball, judo, figure skateing, soccer and so on. Some of his posters promoted sports in general.

He also designed book covers; most of them were made for sport themed handbooks. For example: "Swimming Lessons for Children", "How to ride a bike", "Judo", the series of "Popular sport books", or the "Small Encyclopedia of the Olympics" from the 1950's.

He also often designed travel guide books for domestic travel destinations, like the Balaton or Aggtelek.



Available posters by this artist

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5. %c3%b6ttusa 1954
3. football cup
Youth days in cegl%c3%a9d vintage poster
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Img 6125
Img 6123
Gymnastics   the sport of skill and beauty original hungarian vintage poster
Gymnastics   the sport of dynamism  strength and courage original vintage hungarian poster
V. rural spartachiad 1956 original vintage hungarian poster