Alexander Nevsky

Hungarian title:

A jégmezők lovagja

Artist: Size:
Somorjai, Imre A2 1/2 Sheet (cca. 42 x 59 cm)
Year: Condition:
1969 Fine, light fold marks.
Paper, offset.

Price: $150


Paper cut composition by Imre Somorjai for the re-release of Eisenstein famous Soviet historical drama 'Alexander Nevsky'.

Alexander Nevsky (Russian: Алекса́ндр Не́вский) is a 1938 historical drama film directed by Sergei Eisenstein. It depicts the attempted invasion of Novgorod in the 13th century by the Teutonic Knights of the Holy Roman Empire and their defeat by Prince Alexander, known popularly as Alexander Nevsky (1220–1263).