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Closing time - You, sir, had a healthy heart...

Hungarian title:

Záróra - Uraságodnak volt egy egészséges szíve...

Artist: Size:
Pusztai, Pál B2 (cca. 50 x 70 cm)
Year: Condition:
1960s Fine.
Heavy stock paper, offset.

Price: $150


Illustrative table or poster, made for an anti-alcohol campaign. The poster was part of a series made by Pál Pusztai. All members of the series show the bad effects of alcohol and alcoholism.

The poster shows very funny images in a cartoon-like style, with typical characters of the 1960's.

The poster consist two images: on the one above a group of man cheers after a long working week in a smoky workshop. O the picture below the text says:

"Closing time. You, sir, had:

- a healthy heart

- an undamaged liver

- two good kidneys

- perfect nerves.

All this you have drunk..."

Printed on thick paper, this poster can't be shipped in a tube. Please contact us for a shipping quote.