Heckenast Ibach piano

Hungarian title:

Heckenast Ibach zongora

Artist: Size:
Faragó, Géza Pre-war 1 Sheet (cca. 63 x 95 cm)
Year: Condition:
1900-1910 Near mint.

Price: $3000


A very unique Art Noveau poster by Géza Faragó. The poster advertises piano hall in Budapest, which was owned by the famous publisher Gusztáv Heckenast. He owned several newspapers, including the most popular "Vasárnapi Újság" (~Sunday News). In this journal we can also find the advertisement of his piano hall, which was based in Gizella street, and which also had a telephone line! Heckenast's piano room was equipped with only Ibach pianos. (see the advertisement here: http://epa.oszk.hu/00000/00030/03155/pdf/VU_EPA00030_1914_19.pdf) Ibach was a leading German piano manufacturer, founded in 1793, and until 2007 it was the oldest functioning piano factory in the world. This piece is the top half of a longer, 2 sheet poster. However, it still functions as a complete, very decorative Art Noveau poster.