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Prosperity comes from social production

Hungarian title:

Szociálistermelésből fakad a jólét

Artists: Size:
Földes, Imre Végh, Gusztáv Pre-war 4 Sheet (cca. 125 x 186 cm)
Year: Condition:
1919 Fine.
Paper, lithography.

Price: $4000


While the Hungarian Soviet Republic was a failed experiment in 1919, which had given more suffering to the already devastated Hungary, it was undoubtedly a unique attempt that brought the young, immensely talented modernist minds together, and partially gave them the opportunity to shine. This modern utopia soon showed its enormous flaws, but its demise was not without a trace. The most important imprints of this era are the unique and bold propaganda posters, which were supposed to convey its utopian ideas to the masses.  Education, culture and propaganda were linked together and each took part in the great work of reforming society. Posters of the Hungarian Soviet Republic show the spirit of this very short but important period.