Vándor Endre

1910 -

Endre Vándor is a graphic designer, who designed posters in the 1930s.

His first posters appeared at the late 1920s. His main field was the movie poster, but he also designed commercial ones. His works represent the popular style of the age: they depict scenes from the movies and portraits of the stars. The image is realistic and solid, the lighting is dramatic, the colors are decorative. Vándor’s designs sometimes use picturesque details, like a landscape in the background. The shapes have a touch of Art Deco and Modernism, but the style of the whole is still close to the movie poster tradition of the 1910s.

Vándor designed many commercial posters as well, for example for the famous company, Tungsram. His design for Tungsram from 1935 shows the strong influence of modernism; with its modern typography, intensive colors and minimalistic shapes it belongs to the Constructivist tendency.                                                                                                                                   .