Bató József

1888 - 1966

Bató was a painter, who designed a few posters in the 1910’s.

He was studying in Budapest, Paris and Nagybánya.  According to articles of the age, he had several successes in the 1910's as painter, he exhibited many times in Berlin. His paintings represent a post-impressionist style, they are mainly decorative landscapes.

During the First World War, he was fighting in Galizia. After getting injured, he started to paint battle images in the Press HQ (Kriespressequartier). He was an influential artist, organizing exhibition (such as the Isonzo-exhibition in 1917), and he was several times in the jury of great exhibitions.After the World War he moved to Berlin. 

Bató created some very decorative, Art Noveau posters in the 1910’s, including the theatre poster A kék madár (Blue Bird) in Magyar Színház (Hungarian Theatre).                                                                                                                                                   .         .