Rajk László

1949 - 2019

László Rajk was an architect and political activist, who published many of the famous illegal press documents (the so called 'szamizdat') during the communist era.

He was the son of László Rajk the elder, who was the Home Secretary in Hungary, and who was executed after a show trial in the 1950's - this was the most famous (and scandalous) fake trial of the time. Rajk wasn't yet one year old when his father died, and he only met here mother after she was released from prison in 1954. 

Rajk studied architecture and started to work for Iparterv in the early 1970's. His workshop became a center for the democratic opposition. He was working in the field of graphic design, because he was the designer of many of the illegal "szamizdat" magazines.

In the 1980's he also started a career in politics.

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