Nemes Lampérth József

1891 - 1924

Nemes-Lampérth was a Hungarian painter of the first half of 20th century. He was one of the most talented Hungarian Avant-garde painters. His paintings are good examples of great fauvist works.

He was educated both in Budapest and in Paris. He fought one year in the First World War when he got injured, thus was sent home. Back in Budapest, he quickly catched up with the art scene and had several opportunities to present his works on exhibitions. He joined the Avant-garde movement of Lajos Kassák and also their periodical, Ma published his works. He supported the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919, and this was when his only known poster was made. (He created it in cooperation with János Kmetty).

It is a propaganda poster, using only one, very short slogan “Be!” (In!), which refers to the Red Army: the poster was made for a recruitment campaign. The composition is monumental: one strong figure represents the new ruling class, the workers. The red and black colors were typical for the poster designs of the regime. Nemes-Lampérth’s paintings commonly feature broad, intensive, strong, colored lines next to each other, which is also visible on this poster.

He was an outstanding talent, but as a result of his serious mental illness he died at a very early age.                                                                                                                               .