Amiss - Accident

Hungarian title:

Ballépés - baleset


Muray, Róbert


A1 1 Sheet (cca. 55 x 84 cm)




Near mint, fold marks.


Paper, offset.

Price: $280


Fascinating safety poster by Róbert Muray.

Safety propaganda posters can mostly be divided into two categories: although all posters are aimed to deal with a serious issue such as healthcare, danger and prevention, one group of posters chooses to stick to the serious attitude, trying to be shocking, while another group of posters target the audience with its strainless, humorous atmosphere. This poster belongs to the first group which warns viewers harshly. This idea could result in totally opposite the intended way and become parodistic. However, this design is a perfect example of the great serious type of safety propaganda what manages to achieve its goal.
It is based on a very simple yet clever idea: the classic division of the "before-after" scene is now depicting a leg stepping on the road in front of a moving car and the same leg appears again in the same angle, but in the form of a peg leg. The text contains only two words: amiss and accident. One word for each scene, but the message is immediately understandable, in a suddenly shocking way. The sight of the peg leg burns into our memory from the moment we first saw the poster.

Experts say that the most essential criterion of a good poster is that it should be obvious for the audience at first sight what the poster aimes to convey. This poster can surely be considered a great poster from this and many other perspective.

(Anita Pásztor)

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