Dinorah, the Princess of Travankore

Hungarian title:

Dinorah, a travankorei királyleány


Sátori, Lipót


Pre-war 1 Sheet (cca. 63 x 95 cm)




Very good, one hole, paper loss in the corner, fold marks.


Paper, stone lithography.

Price: $800


Movie poster from the 1910's. The design is created by Lipót Sátori, a famous movie poster designer of the age. Sátori (or Sátory) was an important graphic artist, who worked primarily during the 1910s and 1920s. The style of his early posters fit into the decorative, Art Nouveau tendencies of the 1910s. These works are rather realistic and narrative. 

This poster is a special piece as here the decorative Art Nouveau composition evokes the style of medieval prints. The name of the main character in the title appears in old-fashioned, medieval-like font type, starting with an initial letter. The specific portrayal was possibly aimed to match the athmosphere of the movie.

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