Fecske cigarettes

Hungarian title:

Fecske cigaretta


Váradi, Iván


Very small poster artwork (cca. 7 x 10 cm)




Near mint.


Paint on cardboard.

Price: $800


This small artwork was designed for the ‘Fecske’ (Swallow) Hungarian cigarette brand in 1966. The older generations of today still can remember the Fecske cigarettes as the first real filtered cigarettes in the country, although, this is not completely true. The very first filtered cigarettes were initiated already in the 1930s by several brands which contained a cotton-wool filter. However, after the Second World War, the tobacco industry declined for almost 20 years and audition had to wait until 1962 for Fecske to appear. Its filter was made of viscose and it was a popular brand among consumers those times.

This design is a simple, elegant piece. It shows the cigarette sticks in a single file, tightly next to each other, well-organized. Their cylinder shape ensures the same shading, which, together with the filter zone of each seen at the bottom and the tips seen at the top, gives the geometrical pattern and the rhythm of the design. There is only one exception: the fifth stick is already a stub, allowing place for the inscription ‘Fecske’ above.

The artwork was created by Iván Váradi. His works from the 1960s were likely to have a modern, artistic, expressionist style, applying tendencies from minimalist, through cartoon-like, up to abstract ones. This modality is in harmony with the poster art of the decade as a bigger artistic freedom came true for designers. This work can evoke the traditions of the modernist-constructivist commercial poster stlye of the 1930s, at the same time it is connected to the minimalist tendency of the period when it was created. Furthermore, the idea of cigarette sticks in line appeared on several designs. While, for example, Káldor’s Symphonia cigarette-poster applied a humorous, cartoon-like character, Váradi’s design here emphasizes the pure decorativeness of geometrical order.


Written by: Anita Pásztor


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