IBUSZ Offices

Hungarian title:

IBUSZ irodák


Tram poster (cca. 17 x 24 cm)




Fine, light wear.


Paper, offset lithography.

Price: US$280


Tram poster advertising IBUSZ travel agency. IBUSZ is an abbreviation for Idegenforgalmi Beszerzési Utazási és Szállítási Rt., that is, Tourism Procurement Travel and Transport PLC. in English. The company was established in 1902 and was nationalized in 1949.

This poster lines up the services provided by IBUSZ. The services are written on wooden boards similar to what one meets when hiking. The boards are nailed to a wooden pillar and on each of them birds are sitting, symbolizing the freedom to travel. The birds are doing activities related to the information of the board. Starting from the top left board the following services are introduced: travelling with companion - there are two birds with luggages. Below it: railway tickets - the bird is holding the ticket in his beak. Weekend travels - the bird is sitting alone with his suitcase. Room reservations - the bird is holding a key. Events -  two birds are standing without luggages, interacting. And the last one on the bottom right board: paying customer service - again the birds with their luggages. The big board in the middle displays IBUSZ and tells that offices are avilable in Budapest and in the villages. On the top of the wooden pillar the bird is wearing the hat of the captains, he is symbolizing the company IBUSZ itself. 

The design is very cheerful thanks to the vivid colours and the dynamic feeling given by the birds. 

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