Independent - Neutral Hungary - Hungarian Revolution of 1956

Hungarian title:

Független - Semleges Magyarországot


Unknown artist


A1 1 Sheet (cca. 55 x 84 cm)




Fine, light fold marks and wear, small tears, light creasing, tiny paper loss in the lower left corner.


Paper, offset lithography.

Price: $2400


Independent - Neutral Hungary - Hungarian Revolution of 1956 is a vintage Hungarian propaganda poster.

Important poster from the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. 

Above the text, there is the Kossuth Coat of Arms. During the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, following the dethroning of the Habsburg dynasty on 14 April 1849, the Holy Crown was removed from the coat of arms. The remaining small coat of arms is usually referred to as the "Kossuth Coat of Arms" (Hungarian: Kossuth-címer) after Lajos Kossuth, Regent-President of Hungary (so unlike the name suggests, it was not the coat of arms of the Kossuth family). 

During the 1956 revolution, the "Kossuth" Coat of Arms was used again. In old newsreels, the Kossuth badge can be seen painted onto the turrets of many revolutionary tanks fighting against the Soviet invasion in the streets of Budapest. After the fall of the revolution, the new Communist government did not want to reinstate the unpopular "Rákosi badge", and thus this coat of arms was used for about a year.

The small text in the bottom is publisher and printer information.

The text on the left says: 

F.k. Képzőművészeti és Zeneművészeti Forradalmi Tanács

Publisher: Relovutionary Council of Art and Music 

The text on the right says: 

Plakát - Címke Ny. Bp F.V. Forradalmi Munkástanácsa

Poster and Label Printing House Budapest Revolutionary Workers' Council

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