Orient Coffee

Hungarian title:

Orient mokka


B2 (cca. 50 x 70 cm)




Fine, three fold marks, light creasing.


Paper, offset.

Price: $800


Beautiful Pop art commercial poster from the late 1960s.
This poster is an outstanding example of the work of István Bakos, who made numerous comic-like Pop art designs in the 1960s. The poster advertised a well-known coffee brand, 'Orient mokka' with the figure of a beautiful young lady, drinking the coffee from a matching cup. The steam of the hot beverage resembles the speech bubbles of cartoons and comics.

The design reflects the influence of American Pop art painting, and of the psychedelic poster art of the United States. The composition is very decorative with its floating forms and vivid colours. Neon shades of pink, green and purple appears next to each other, not to mention the warm yellow and orange which create a balance and transition through colours. The use of a colourful shadow contributes to a highly decorative and imaginative design. In the other hand, the intense black of the figure's hair gives a new visual effect to it as well. The facial features and the shape of the hair of the female figure are in the centre of the image: the haircut and the makeup style reflects the popular character of the fashion of the period. The typography also fits the fresh design.

This piece is an impressive Pop art design from the golden age of the style.



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