We also drink Malt Coffee

Hungarian title:

Mi is maláta kávét iszunk


Unknown artist


Tram poster (cca. 17 x 24 cm)




Near mint.


Paper, offset lithography.

Price: US$280


Colourful composition advertising malt coffee. Malt coffee - just like chicory coffee - is a coffee subtitute which has similar taste and smell as real coffee but doesn't include coffein. In the times of Socialism it wasn't evident that everyone could access or afford real coffee. The substitute coffee was cheaper and easier to find especially in the 1950s.

This poster advertises malt coffee in a cheerful and grotesque way. It shows a happy little boy and a girl in a baby carriage who say: We also drink malt coffee. Although the reason why substitute coffee was popular during the Socialist era was the lower price this poster try to reveal the advantage of the product: as it doesn't contain coffein and it has a sweeter taste than real coffee it can be your children favourite as well.

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