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Bánki, László


László Bánki (source:
László Bánki (source:

Bánki was an autodidact poster artist. He worked in all areas of graphic design and he was very versatile artistically. He was working from the end of the 1940’s.

In 1947, Bánki designed great propaganda posters for the Social Democratic Party, which shows the influence of Konecsni. He designed very decorative, painting-like movie posters in the 1950’s.

He was a poster artist who was capable of designing in different styles. He designed many commercial and movie posters during the 1960’s. As time went on, his style became more poster-like. Some of his movie poster designs are charming and cheerful, while others are dark and expressive. For his expressive designs he often only used two strong colors, mostly red and black, and used them to paint black silhouettes on a strongly colored background. He was also very good at creating decorative designs with meticulous patterns and details. These movie poster designs resemble the Art Nouveau. His commercial and safety posters are often very playful and humorous.                                                                                                                                     .

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Ba%cc%81nki india%cc%81ban 1953
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Laszlo banki   julius caesar marlon brando 1961 hungarian movie poster
Ba%cc%81nki la%cc%81szlo%cc%81   insured travel   national insurance company 1969 original hungarian commercial poster
Ba%cc%81nki  la%cc%81szlo%cc%81   not only the accused one is guilty 1969 original hungarian movie poster
Ba%cc%81nki  la%cc%81szlo%cc%81   antigone 1967 original hungarian movie poster
Laszlo banki   we postal workers vote for social democrats 1947 hungarian propaganda election poster
Ba%cc%81nki  la%cc%81szlo%cc%81   kingdom in the clouds 1968 original hungarian vintage movie poster