Bánó, Endre

1921 - 1992

He learned in the Atelier graphic school in 1940. He designed many posters, a lot of them for photography related commercial purposes, cameras, photo papers, etc. He worked for the journal Népszabadság as a graphic artist.

Available posters by this artist

Direct hit.. toto football pool hungarian poster
Z%c3%a1rsz%c3%a1mad%c3%a1s ut%c3%a1n f%c3%a9nyk%c3%a9pez%c5%91g%c3%a9pre is telik
Sport lottery ticket
Mindennap n%c3%a9pszabads%c3%a1g
1. hitchcock man who knew too much hungarian movie poster
76. bano endre sunglasses for kids and adults 1968 hungarian poster
77. bano endre through winter and summer use forte films photography 1968 hungarian poster
38. patyolat
  endre ba%cc%81no%cc%81   hitchcock vertigo 1985 first release hungarian movie poster
Ba%cc%81no%cc%81 endre   take your spring clothes to the laundry service 1964 original hungarian commercial poster
Ba%cc%81no%cc%81 endre   videoton radio and television 1968 original hungarian commercial poster