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Köpeczi Bócz, István

1919 - 1978

Köpeczi Bócz was a graphic a set designer.

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he later became a professor, between 1945 and 1951.

After 1951, he worked on stage designs for various theaters in Hungary. He also designed puppets for puppet theatres. Köpeczi Bócz was a versatile talent: he created posters, advertisements, illustrations, stamps, caricatures, stage designs. He worked in the Hungarian film and television industry, and as a goldsmith as well.

In the 1950s he designed posters in the obligatory socialist realist style. He soon switched to a more modern and cheerful poster style that better fitted his character.

In the 1960s he designed many posters, mainly for theatres and movies. He also designed commercial and concert posters. His works are characterized by his playful and humorous attitude: he used funny characters in colorful compositions. His designes employed humorous scenes, and they played a powerful role in forming the visual culture of the 1950s and the 1960s.                                                                                                                                   . 

Available posters by this artist

177. shakespeare twelfth night
Lamp fever
H%c3%a1rom szeg%c3%a9ny szab%c3%b3leg%c3%a9ny
Istvan kopeczi bocz   week of romanian culture 1947 hungarian poster
Ko%cc%88peczi bo%cc%81cz istva%cc%81n   rise and fall of the city of mahagonny at the state opera house 1967 oiginal hungarian theatre poster
Ko%cc%88peczi bo%cc%81cz istva%cc%81n   the golden cockerel at erkel theatre 1968 original hungarian poster
  istvan kopeczi bocz   be faithful unto death   youth theater 1956 hungarian poster
Ko%cc%88peczi bo%cc%81cz  istva%cc%81n   johann strauss  a night in venice 1967 original hungarian theatre poster
Chamber variety   slave of the huns 1960 original hungarian theatre poster