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Szilas, Győző

1921 - 1998

An important graphic artist of the post-war period, Győző Szilas was mainly active in commercial design and film posters.

A student of the Iparrajziskola Budapest (school of printmaking) between 1933 and 1940, Szilas began his career in the 1940s as a poster artist by creating advertisements for large companies. He continued the Art Deco-influenced style of the posters that these companies had used before the war.

In the 1950s, he worked in the same style as his export posters. He often used realistic, very decorative depictions of the advertised product. In other cases, he had very effective ideas in his posters to present the products in humorous caricature-like scenes. These are real eye-catchers. In 1947 Szilas made a powerful election poster for the Social Democratic Party and his designs were displayed at an important poster exhibition in 1948 in Budapest.

In the 1950s his posters employed the official socialist realist style: artificial scenes, typified characters, and painting-like, realistic style, the characters appear in stiff poses.

After Hungary’s revolution in 1956, the political system gradually softened, and artists began to reject the obligatory style. Szilas took part in the poster exhibition of 1956, which was a rebellion against socialist realism. In the 1960s, he created fresh, modern compositions, using photomontage, paper cutting, humorous drawings, and special fonts. Some of his colourful designs resemble Pop Art style.                                                                                                                         .

Available posters by this artist

79. international women's day
120. cheers
A k%c3%a9tarc%c3%ba gyilkos
Szerencsi   boci  tibi min%c5%91s%c3%a9gi csokol%c3%a1d%c3%a9 (2)
Walking is more flexible on palma heels and okma sole szilas 1950s
9. szilas conduisez hungarian travel poster
18. szilas gyozo   milk caramel hungarian vintage poster
Alphaville original hungarian vintage movie poster
Szilas   emerge cordextra bicycle tires
1. szilas   hungarian beer for you poster
11. gyozo szilas   pressure cooker cooks better than anything 1960s hungarian poster gastronomy cooking
Gyozo szilas   salvus mineral water sure protection against heartburn 1964 hungarian poster
Sandor lengyel   silk the conqueror in every color wide selection 1963 hungarian poster
Gyozo szilas   rapid fast washing powder washes everything clean 1965 hungarian poster
Gyozo szilas   rapid fast washing powder 1963 hungarian poster
Gyozo szilas   mecalor f oil fired bathroom stove 1962 hungarian poster
Gyozo szilas   international children's day 1955 hungarian poster
Szilas gyo%cc%8bzo%cc%8b   buy your ticket with insurance! 1964 original hungarian commercial poster
Szilas gyo%cc%8bzo%cc%8b   live fish from the supermarket 1960s original hungarian commercial poster