America by Night

Hungarian title:

Amerika √Čjjel

Artist: Size:
Gunda, Antal A1 1 Sheet (cca. 55 x 84 cm)
Year: Condition:
1966 Near mint, fold marks. Near mint.
Paper, offset.

Price: $180


Impressive movie poster from the 60s, made by Antal Gunda: America by night. The neon colours of pink and blue flashes to the dominant contrast of black and white like neonlights in the city at night. The decorative elements of expressive figures, energetic lined drawing and the text make out a dinamic composition with which the combination of several techniques (photomontage, drawing, painting, sticking) evokes the lively athmosphere of the movie regarding the representation of the teeming nightlife of cabarets, venues and music nightclubs of the American continent.

(Anita Pásztor)