Baráth Ferenc

1946 -

Baráth, Ferenc

Baráth, Ferenc

Very unique poster designer from Novy Sad (Újvidék) working since the 1980’s.

Baráth designed a series of posters for the theatre of his home city, which are of landscape format. These works have a special surrealistic logic, and a rather constructivist style. Baráth’s posters show few, but very powerful visual elements. Most of his compositions are built up on the contrast effects of pure colors.

Later Baráth left Novi Sad and became an important graphic designer in Budapest. Some of his designs show his very unique drawing style. These drawings are very detailed and show a surrealistic imagery. In Baráth's art, the idea is always a key element, he likes to create compositions with a twist in the concept.  Since 2004 Baráth is a member of the Hungarian Poster Association (MPT). His son, Dávid Baráth is also a talented graphic designer.