Árendás József


Árendás, József

Árendás, József

József Árendás is a very talented member of the last generation of Hungarian poster artists, who were still able to work during the dusk of the golden days of Hungarian poster art.

Árendás designed very original, comics-like and Pop Art inspired posters from the 1970’s. His compositions are usually drawn and painted. They are often full with erotic details and provocative elements. Besides many movie posters, Árendás designed a series of posters for the Zalaegerszeg Theatre. His courageous and provocative theatre posters shaked the audiences; today these works are seen as part of the transition process in 1989. 

Besides cultural posters, Árendás is regularly working for commercial purposes, such as the advertisements, logo and packagings of Gyermelyi Tészta (Gyermelyi Pasta).  He was also often working on movie posters, which allowed him to express his special sense of humor. 

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