Pekáry István

1905 - 1981

Pekáry was a painter, graphic artist and textile designer.

He finished his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts under Gyula Rudnay around 1920. He received a scholarship in Rome, but he wasn’t really influenced by Novecento Italiano.

His style was defined by his attraction towards folk art. He used folkloristic elements in almost all of his works, and worked with fresh, vibrant colors. At the same time his attitude somehow always remained modern: he was able to use the folkloristic elements in a new modern context. His famous Modiano poster targeted the rural population: the image resembles a figure from naive folk art, but its atypical colors - pink and orange - give it a modern touch. Pekáry used the same decorative, folkloristic style on his paintings and his textile designs too. Hungarian fairy tales and legends were among the favorite topics of Pekáry. He drew a complete series of portraits about famous Hungarian historical figures of the past, in a decorative archaic style.                                                                                                                                     .