Pán József

1901 - 1956

József Pán was a graphic artist and stage designer.

He created stage designs for music bars and night clubs in Budapest in the 1910s. He was also known for his humorous, Art Nouveau poster designs. He was an excellent drawer.

Initially he designed caricature-like, and sometimes even grotesque posters for musical shows: these works often show the caricaturistic interpretations of characters of the everyday life, who are desperate to go the club. His designs are extremely colorful, decorative and dynamic. They are always narrative, using recognizable characters, and they radiate a cheerful atmosphere. This cheerful attitude is present on his posters for Télikert (Winter Garden bar).

Pán often worked on movie posters; his drawing style and artistic approach fitted to the shrill visual world of the silent films. He was also working during the 1920s and 1930s, when his style changed from the narrative Art Nouveau to a more expressionistic Art Deco.                                                                                             .