Mosonyi-Pfeiffer Hellmann

1863 - 1905

Graphic designer, active around the turn of the century. He was one of the most important early masters of Hungarian poster art. He was an outstanding talent and his works were very successful, with which he won numerous competitions. His poster designs were exceptional with their modern style. Unfortunately he died at a young age, therefore was unable to fulfill his early artistic promise.

He began his studies at the Art Academy of Vienna. With a scholarship of the Hungarian Jewish Comunity he got the opportunity to study for four years in Munich, Rome and Florence. After returning to Hungary, he worked as an illustrator for the journal Politisches Volkblatt.

He had his first success with a poster design in 1899, when he won at the competition of the mineral water producing company of Parád. His long, narrow poster is an spectacular Art Nouveau artwork. It depicts a woman drinking mineral water in a garden. The composition is stylized and flat, while the red and green colors are deep and intensive.

He won another competition with his design for the Brázay alcohol rub. From this moment on, he had been regularly designing the advertisements of Brázay company. His designs differed from the traditional and less poster-like average works of the early 1900s. His success was due to the fact that he was way ahead of his own age.                                                                                                                                 .