Major Henrik

1895 - 1948

Major was a graphic artist and painter. He was a well-known caricaturist of the 1910s. His drawings were published in newspapers, magazines and in graphic albums and he also designed posters which present his humorous caricaturist attitude.

His decorative and narrative conforms the Hungarian version of Art Nouveau. His posters often depict caricatures of typical characters or famous personalities of the age (actors, writers or even graphic artists). He used this method on his poster series for the journal, Új Nemzedék. On each poster, a caricature of a famous person appears with a fictional quote by them, worshipping the journal.

After the fall of the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919, Major left Hungary. He lived in France, the Netherlands, England and the US. He worked as a caricaturist and painter. He spent a year in Hollywood and finally settled in New York in 1927.                                                                                                                                         .