Ducki Krzysztof

1957 -

Ducki, Krzysztof

Ducki, Krzysztof

Ducki is a Polish poster artist, active in Hungary since 1983.

He has a unique, simple but very personal style. He uses one intensive background color and fluent black line drawing on his posters. They usually show a compact motif that has a double meaning.

Ducki considers himself a “Polish person but Hungarian artist”, since he has very good relationships with the Hungarian poster artists, and he achieved considerable professional success in Hungary. He left Poland after the fall of the Solidarity movement, as the the martial law was introduced in 1981. His commitment to democracy defined his artistic work later as well.

He became member of the DOPP group (together with István Orosz, Sándor Pinczehelyi and Péter Pócs).

They were all very active during the period of the system change in 1989-1990. Ducki published several very effective posters, which became symbols of thedemocratic transformation. One of them wears the title "Erdély" (Transylvania), it refers to the destructions of the Ceausescu regime in Transylvania. He created a very provocative poster against the workers' Militia, for which he recieved serious threats. One other poster of him shows Imre Nagy, the leader of the 1956 revolution.

In the 1980's he designed cultural and commercial posters. He was also often working on movie posters. His works are always very compact, with a strong message. 

Today he is the head of the Hungarian Poster Association (MPT). He is an influential professor, currently teaching at the Budapest College for Communication (BKF). He is doing much for the strong connections between Hungarian and Polish poster artists.                .

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