Jaschik Álmos

1885 - 1950

Jaschik, Álmos

Jaschik, Álmos

Jaschik was an important Art Noveau artist. He was a book designer, an illustrator, a stage- and graphic designer and an art teacher.

His early works are symbolic Art Nouveau compositions with decorative folkloristic details. He was a great drawer and illustrator. His illsutrations often show monumental and pictoresque compositions. Detalied ornaments are covering the composition like a pattern on some of his book cover designs (like on the catlagoue for Modern Magyar Képtár). His art is defined by symbolism, he prefered to use monumental figures in mythical scenes. He was also working in other fields of design, for example by designing tapestries. He was also an important costume designer. Some of these works show a splendid tendency of Japonism in Hungary (costume designs for Japanese performances in Budapest).

In the 1920’s, philosophic themes became dominant in his art. He designed posters which show the apparent influence of his book art. One decorative poster of him advertises the most important printing company of the age, the Biró Miklós Printery.

Jaschik founded an important private art school, after he was banned from teaching in public institutions. This school offered a modern, alternative way of education. Many graphic artists from the next generations studied at his school. His theoretical work is also important,for example about ornamentation and folk art motives.                                                                                                                                           .

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