Lukáts Kató

1900 - 1990

Kato Lukats portrait

Kato Lukats portrait

Kató Lukáts (name variant: Kató Kaeszné Lukács) (Jászkarajenő, 15 April 1900 - Budapest, 12 January 1990) was a graphic artist and illustrator.

She was born in Jászkarajenő on April 15, 1900. Graduated as a graphic designer in 1925 at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts. Her teachers were Ferenc Helbing and Jenő Haranghy. She got married to Gyula Kaesz, an architect and interior designer that same year. From 1926 she worked independently in various fields of applied graphic design: advertising graphics, posters, business cards, stationery, periodical cover pages.

From 1930 she was involved in desiging product packaging. (Altmann & Kühne, Palmers, Zwieback and Del-Ka, Boots & Co., Koestlin and Stühmer). She regularly worked for the Kner Printing House, Tevan Printing House in Békéscsaba, and Hungária Könyvkiadó és Nyomda in Budapest. In addition to studying folk traditions, her work was characterized by a strong decorative tendency, stylistic mood, ornamentation. 

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