Galambos Margit

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Margit Galambos was a graphic artist and a poster designer, who started her career during the early 1920s. Expressionism and Art Deco are the two main stylistic categories that define her works.

She worked extensively for the San Thomé chocolate company, designing posters and for numerous publishing houses.

She designed posters, books,  and magazine covers, packaging and other forms of advertising art. Her works were regularly published during the 1920s and 1930s in two of the most important forums of advertising art: Magyar Grafika and Magyar Iparm┼▒vészet. 

An article in Magyar Grafika (Hungarian Graphic Art) 1923 / 7. about her work states:

The procession of generations that are physically independent from the art of yesterday and that condense the past into themselves has already begun. Margit Galambos belongs to one of the first new generations. Among some of her works, the mercantile graphic drawings are interesting because, throwing aside all craft formalism, they exult in the intoxication of rhythm with such a captivating youthful joy that we only find in the vague beginnings of great styles in the works of purely instinctive artists. Today, it is in the starting phase of its development, in which all artists of all ages looked for new rhythmic possibilities, because she felt that in the genetic process of the formation of new worldviews, the transformation of the rhythm of life is the first stage that she must recognize and that only the revaluation of the rhythmic life of forms can make this recognition physically expressible. And compared to these internal goals, the formal fidelity and objectivity of the forms naturally become secondary.

But the graphic works of Margit Galambos are interesting and remarkable for more immediate reasons, as evidence that the successive generations of artists only show a related technical manner and perception identity in the first minute of the revolution of thought, that is, until the conceptual novelty of the composition completely captivates the artist she uses any schematic form of performance without being selective in her mental energy and methods of expression. Galambos Margit's graphics represent a more advanced stage, she energetically fights against the influence of well-known modes of expression, she tries to refine and develop her technical dialect. It will be easy for an expert to determine from these works that her struggle is determined enough that success will not be long in coming.

She was a prominent advertising artist of this era, and art critics, such as Károly Rosner and Pál Nádai wrote about her work.


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