Réz-Diamant Tibor

1885 - 1960

Tibor Réz-Diamant (also known as Tibor Rez) was one of the greatest Art Deco poster artists in Hungary.

He joined the poster art scene in the mid 1920s with his outstanding movieposter designs. Later on, he designed more posters for commercial products and night clubs, but in the meanwhile he continued designing movie posters.

His works are determined by the use of vivid and expressive colors, clean-cut shapes, decorative ornamental details and excellent compositions. He often depicts the faces of the starring actors in the center of the composition which he always combines with decorative patterns. His favorite colors dominate his works: purple, yellow, intensive pink and blue. One outstanding work by him is the poster for the movie of the Tiller Girls: the composition is ruled by the rhythm of the shapes, which adds a sense of uniqueness to it.

Réz-Diamant consciously used stylistic elements of Avant-Garde art, like Expressionism and Cubism. He successfully combined the decorative Art Deco manner with the strict Constructivism of the 1920s. A beautiful example is his almost abstract poster for the show of Josephine Baker, from 1928. The characteristic face of the actress is extremely stylized; it is reduced to basic shapes. The oval face appears as a diagonal form from a vivid yellow background, which makes the poster extremely spectacular. Some posters by Réz-Diamant show his humorous side: for the movies of Zigoto he created caricature-like, funny compositions.

He designed a few dozen posters in just two short years, and then he left Hungary. After 1928 helived in Germany and designed posters of movies, such as Loves of Carmen. He worked as well for Daimler as an illustrator where he had a chance to show off his outstanding drawing skills. Unfortunately very little is known about his life.                                                                                                                 .

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