Németh Nándor

1910 - 1978

Németh was a graphic artist active in the 1930s and 1940s. He designed the most well-known Hungarian propaganda posters of the Second World War.  He got his commissions from the extreme rightist Arrow Cross regime.

He often cooperated with the artist called Gádor under the name of Tér. In the late 1930s they designed posters for the rightist organization Turul, for sport clubs, and for commercial companies like Tungsram. Their design for a winery utilizes a realistic, nearly photo-like style. One propaganda poster by Németh greeted the reattachment of territories to Hungary,  which belonged to the country before WWI, but were lost, and became part of Transylvania. In 1940, these territories were reattached to Hungary. The poster displays patriotic slogans and symbols which were quite popular among many groups of people as a result of the tremendous losses of WWI.

Németh worked for the fascist Arrow Cross movement; he designed exhibition posters for them. Later, during the period of the Arrow Cross terror, he created several posters of the leader, Ferenc Szálasi, using a photographic portrait of him.                                                                                                                                         .

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