Pest County Equestrian Club

Hungarian title:

Pestvidéki Versenyegylet


Unknown artist


Pre-war 1 Sheet (cca. 95 x 63 cm)


around 1910


Fine, restored fold marks and small tears.


Paper, stone lithography.

Price: US$2000


Pest County Equestrian Club is a Hungarian vintage poster of a horse riding and racing association whiich was designed in the 1910s.

The Pest County Equestrian Club was the first of its kind in Hungary.

The central image is a painted composition. It shows racing horses on a typical Hungarian landscape. The anonymous artist focused on the accurate representation of the moving animals.

Around the first decades of poster art in Hungary the genre was characterised by the naturalist, academic painting style of the period. This piece reflects the era with its detailed portrayal and use of greyish, terrane colours. The poster is an interesting work from the early age of Hungarian poster art that documents the period when poster art was at its birth and the real style of it was yet to be discovered. 

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