Horváth László

1919 - ?

Laszlo Horvath was an important Hungarian poster artist in th second half of the 1940’s. He designed at least a few dozen posters during a short five year period after WW2, between 1946 and 1951.

He is mostly known for his propaganda and commercial posters, and he also designed some travel posters, some of them in collaboration with other artists, Gyozo Szilas for example.

They worked together on a political propaganda poster for the Social Democratic Party, an election propaganda poster in 1947 titled 'We protect democracy - We build the country - Social Democratic Party'. They designed a beautiful travel poster advertising Budapest's numerous spas and baths and created commercial advertising as well.

He designed outstanding posters in 1948 promoting the rebuilding effort of Budapest: 'Budapest capital city overcomes the difficulties with the 3 year plan' and 'We will rebuild Budapest in 3 years'.


Available posters by this artist