Szyksznian Wanda

1948 -

Szyksznian, Wanda

Szyksznian, Wanda

Wanda Szyksznian is a graphic designer.

Her master was György Konecsni at the Academy of Fine Arts. Later she became a successful freelance graphic designer; she created many movie posters and designs for commercial companies like IBUSZ, Hungaroton, Tungsram, publishing houses and a pharmacological company. Her works are defined by the vigorous drawing, or by decorative painting. She uses an intensive colour scale and a photo-like, detailed drawing style. Her drawn compositions are often absurd, ironic or humorous.

She often worked for the official propaganda: she made colourful posters for national festivals, like Women’s day, etc. In the 1980s she turned to abstract painting, and she also created montages. After 1997 she designed compositions for a ceramics manufacturer. Since 2000 she has been a professor at the Technical University of Budapest.                                                                                                                                       .

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