Nyári János

1923 - ?

Nyári was a poster designer whose carreer begun after 1945.

His best known piece is an election poster for the Yeoman’s Party, from 1947. This work is a good example of the strong influence of the modern and powerful political poster design of the 1945-1948 period. These period was the peak of political poster art. Nyári’s work presents a peasant standing on a field, looking forward, presumably into the future. The composition lacks dynamism as Nyári was aiming to depict a monumental representation of the working peasant.

Later, in the 1950s Nyári kept on working in the field of propaganda. His posters usually were usually agricultur themed. During the 1950s his style was extensively influenced by the strict socialist realist manner. These posters are rather educational boards than advertisements; they told the peasants basic information on how to treat the plants, etc. Another goal of these pieces was to make people accept unpopular changes, such as the forming of cooperatives, the compulsory delivery of goods.                                                                                                                                           .

Available posters by this artist