Nemes György

1905 - 1938

Nemes, György

Nemes, György

György Nemes was a graphic artist, active during the 1920s and 1930s. He studied at Műhely, the private school of Sándor Bortnyik which is often referred to as “the Bauhaus of Budapest”. Nemes was one of Bortnyik’s most talented pupils, and he learnt the Modernist graphics design theories. He had all the knowledge and talent to create outstanding modern poster designs. He reduced the color scale to basic colors, the forms to clear geometric shapes. In typography he usually chose very modern, small capital, block letters.

From the late 1920s, he had been working as a graphic designer. He designed posters, brochures, album covers, etc. He many times cooperated with other artists, for example György Radó, another student of Bortnyik, or László Káldor. One of Nemes’ most famous design is the poster for the Savings Day, where he used an image of a coin in large scale as the main graphic element, in a very elegant and clear composition. Unfortunately he died at a very young age, in 1938, which made it impossible for him to leave and extensive body of work behind.                                                                                                                                 .

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