Bálint Endre

1914 - 1986

Bálint, Endre

Bálint, Endre

Endre Bálint was an important painter and graphic artist.

Originally he was learning to become a graphic artist, but at the end of his studies he turned to painting. Lajos Vajda, a very important Hungarian avant-garde artist, became his friend and master. Bálint was a member of the artist colony of Szentendre in the 1930’s.In 1945 he belonged to the most important group of modern painters in Hungary, called “Európai Iskola” (European School).

Bálint designed posters in the 1960’s for theatres, exhibitions and events. He liked to use photomontage in grotesque compositions on his posters, complemented with excellent drawing. The series for the Busó festivities of Mohács is one of his most famous poster designs. He also used paper cut and painting, for example on his colorful movie posters. Bálint experimented with a wide range of techniques, but his posters are always easily recognizable because of his distinctive style.                                                                                                                                     .

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