Vörösmarty Magda

1933 - 2017

Vörösmarty, Magda (source: iwiw.hu)

Vörösmarty, Magda (source: iwiw.hu)

Magda Vorosmarty was a graphic designer. She graduated in 1959, after studying decorative painting. She started working in every field of graphic design: she designed logos, posters, flyers, corporate identities, and exhibition and fair designs. Her works have been exhibited since the beginning of her career.

In the 1960s she designed some important commercial posters which represented the many different techniques and styles of the era. With the paper cut-out collage technique and with precise drawing she was able to achieve very decorative compositions. In her fashion posters she was able to exploit the intensive decorative effect of paper-cut shapes (Habkabát). She created matching typography, using custom made hand drawn letters.

On some of her works she combined overexposed photography with elegant drawing. Sometimes the detailed drawing appears next to abstract, compact painted areas, which gives her works high aesthetic value; this appears for example on her travel posters (Plattensee, Budapest). The contrast of black and white is dominant on many of her works, like the Op Art design of Magyar Hirdető (Hungarian Advertiser), or later posters from the 1970s. Her movie posters often use overexposed photography combined with decorative fields of strong colours.                                                                                                                           .

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