Muray Róbert

1931 - 2009

Graphic designer, painter and environmentalist. His oeuvre is defined by his love of nature, and his intent to preserve it.

He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in the mid 1950s. Afterwards he started to work as a graphic designer. At the very beginning of his career, in 1956, his works were displayed at the poster exhibition.

Later on, in the 1960s he frequently made exhibition designs for commercial fairs and expos. His prevailing theme was the conservation of nature, hunting and wild animals. In the 1960s he created a wide variety of posters on this field; most of them are very realistic, yet they show a touch of modern design.

He also designed movie posters, most typically for films that have a theme centered around animals.

In the 1970s he turned to painting: he made frescos in public places (hunting houses etc.)  and he got several other commissions. His oil paintings are detailed representations of wild animals and of the natural environment. He is a founder of the Hungarian Association of Bird Protection, and he is the one who desins the association's posters and demonstrative boards.                                                                                                                                   .

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