Budapest International Fair Polish Pavilion

Hungarian title:

Nemzetközi Vásár - Lengyel Pavillon


Unknown artist


Leaflet (cca. 22 x 10 cm)




Fine, light wear.


Paper, letterpress.

Price: US$240


Brochure for the event of the Budapest International Fair in 1930. The first fair was organized in 1896, when the Millennium of Hungary was celebrated. The event was called the Millennial National Exhibition, taken place in the City Park, next to the Heroes Square. It was opened by Franz Josef I, and mustered up several spectacular momentums, such as the first national newsreel or several airships. It was followed by several smaller exhibitions and fairs, where the representatives of the national commerce and industry could be displayed. In 1925 the organizers stepped on the international level and changed to the Budapest International Fair with a new symbol, Mercur/Hermes with wings. Over the years the event gained a huge popularity until the 1950s. Then after a break caused by political circumstances, it continued to function again.


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