Matter of Resistance, A

Hungarian title:

Élet a kastélyban


Sóti Klára


A1 1 Sheet (cca. 84 x 59 cm)




Fine, light fold marks and wear, small tears.


Paper, intaglio.

Price: US$400


A Matter of Resistance is a 1966 vintage Hungarian movie poster designed by Klara Soti for a film released in Hungary in 1967.

La vie de château is a 1966 French film.

In the countryside near Normandy's beaches lives Marie, unhappily. It's 1944, she's married to Jérôme, a somewhat fussy milquetoast, diffident to the war around him and unwilling to move his wife to Paris, where she longs to live, shop, and party. A German outfit is bivouacked at Jérôme and Marie's crumbling château because its commanding officer is pursuing Marie. She's also eyed by a French spy working with the Allies as they plan D-Day. He woos her (posing to the Germans as her brother) and, in his passion, forgets his mission. Heroics come from an unexpected direction, and Marie makes her choice.

Director: Jean-Paul Rappeneau

Writers: Jean-Paul Rappeneau (scenario), Alain Cavalier (collaboration)

Stars: Catherine Deneuve, Pierre Brasseur, Philippe Noiret


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