I Have Two Moms and Two Dads

Hungarian title:

Két mamám és két papám van


Dede Ernő


A2 1/2 Sheet (cca. 59 x 42 cm)




Fine, light fold marks and wear.


Paper, offset lithography.

Price: US$240


Poster of the Yugoslavian comedy, I Have Two Mothers and Two Fathers. Original title is 'Imam dvije mame i dva tate'.

In this film the parents of a two boys remarried after divorce. The older one stayed with his father and his attractive young wife, while the younger one stayed with the mother and her new husband. On Sundays, the two boys visit the other family alternately, and the younger Djuro will soon realize that they have much more in common. (source: imdb.com).

The author of thisposter mostly designed movie posters in the 1960s as well as safety propaganda ones. 

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